Ouriginal Vextur partner

Vextur officially became partnered with Ouriginal

One of the most powerful anti-plagiarism tools today is now officially partnered with Vextur!

Ensuring high-level education with academic integrity is one of our values here at Vextur. Plagiarism is spanning around the internet and in education fields for over a decade, and we are very pleased, that we can help in stopping it.

Ouriginal is a powerful tool to help secure and protect studies in various formats online as well as offline formats. And with compatible Moodle and other LMS platform integration, Ouriginal is the go-to to secure education.

Ouriginal offers features such as Document submission, Retrieval of sources, analysis powered by machine learning, and report creation and delivery.

One of the strongest benefits of Ouriginal is that it is easily integrable and usable with various LMS systems like Moodle. It is efficient and accurate in the analysis of the content. Youcan find out more about Ouriginal here.

Taking academic integrity seriously in your education organization proves that you care about higher education, originality, and your students.

Vextur is proud to be a part of this grand mission to preserve educational integrity by joining Ouriginal. We look forward to integrating their solutions to protect our client’s educational content.

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