Moodlemoot2023 elearning

Vextur attended the MoodleMoot 2023 conference

MoodleMoot 2023 conference in Barcelona

Last week, the Vextur team attended MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona! With more than 700 participants from 56 countries, it was a great opportunity for all Moodlers from around the world to come together and share best practices in e-learning. Thanks to Moodle team!

Our team also had the opportunity to present the paper “Competence Assessment Solution for the DigComp competence framework based on Quiz questions”. The Competency Assessment Solution developed by the Vextur team allows for the initial and repeated assessment of employees’ competences and the analysis of the obtained data through dynamic Moodle reports.

The main theme of the conference was “Lifelong Learning”, but many of the topics were about Artificial Intelligence. In his presentation, Moodle co-founder Martin Dougiamas stressed the importance of a balanced approach to using AI while preserving the value of human interaction in education.

moodlemoot2023 elearning
moodlemoot2023 vextur
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