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Honest Results with Examus

Honest Results with Examus

An advanced tool for effective online exam proctoring.

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Online exam proctoring with Examus

Examus is a proctoring tool developed by advanced artificial intelligence that prevents cheating during online tests and exams. This tool closely proctors and helps to effectively control the behavior of learners during online exams.
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Online exam proctoring in different cases

Examus online verification technology independently verifies a person’s identity, monitors their behavior and eye movement during the exam. It also analyzes the sounds in the room, records violations in the video, and prepares related reports.

Verification after the exam
This is a video preview provided after the exam to deny or confirm automatic system notifications of detected violations. Once completed, the specialist can prepare a final report.

Real-time proctoring
Proctors can supervise students during the exam through the online examination software Examus. The system automatically alerts of violations, the proctors monitor the progress of the assessment and prepare a final report.

Examus functionality

The technologically advanced features of Examus can capture in detail changes in a person’s face, gaze, voice, browser tabs, or the room itself during exams. This allows you to assess remotely and in detail whether the person taking the exam is behaving honestly.
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Case studies

Case study 2

Work-flow difficulties in training

Find out how we solved workflow problem in digital training process.

Case study 1

Moodle training course

In this case, the client had Moodle LMS environment for over 2 years but was unable to successfully use it.

Case study 3

Online courses project

In this case, the client was looking for a platform to create and manage training courses.

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Examus allows universities to obtain verified online exam results, enables students to study and take exams remotely from anywhere in the world. Today, Examus is also relevant for business—companies that provide qualified certification services. The main goal of Examus is to improve the process of education and certification of specialists so that everyone can easily and affordably study remotely, get reliable exam results and confirm that the results meet the set requirements.
Examus features an artificial intelligence engine that analyzes images of the mouse, screen, keyboard, camera, and analyzes for signs of cheating. This way, you can allow people to take exams from anywhere that is especially relevant these days. When using Examus, a person cannot log in without having to confirm that the Examus extension will be able to monitor and verify it.

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