Vextur Intelliboard partner

„Vextur“ tapo „Intelliboard“ partneriu

Vextur drives forward the education system experts road and continue to expand by officially becoming an Intelliboard partner. Intelliboard offers an outstanding data tracking application tool integrable with Moodle systems. And since Vextur team is already an expert in education system development, the Intelliboard was a natural next step in our journey. We were already …

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Vextur certified moodle partner

„Vextur“ tampa oficialiu „Moodle“ partneriu.

Over the last decade, Lithuania and the Baltic states began to focus on education and education digitalization, as well as modern business solutions provided by modern technologies and softwares. Educational institutions and organizations embraced online learning and the indisputable benefits of the modern age, so much it became a necessity in order to keep up …

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