IntelliCart tools for easy e-commerce

Create and sell your online courses with no coding and no broken links! IntelliCart is a fully featured e-commerce application. Built via local plugin or utilizing LTI.
IntelliCart yra visapusiška el. prekybos programa. Su šia sistema kurti bei parduoti internetinius kursus galėsite be kodavimo ar kitų iššūkių. Su IntelliCart registracijos bei pirkimo procesai vykdomi itin paprastai.

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Designed for you and your customers

Knowing what is happening within your LMS helps you to make directional changes that align with your goals – faster and more efficiently. Trends in non-performers? Make a correction. Trends in high-achievers? Replicate it.

Take your Learning Management System to the next level with extended payment and enrollment reporting tools that inform earning and course offering potential.

Darbo su IntelliCart privalumai

Intuityvus pardavimo prietaisų skydelis. Simplify your sales and enrollment data into one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Pardavimo duomenys realiu laiku. If you want it hourly, daily, monthly, or even minute-by-minute, IntelliCart reporting will tell you where you are.

Nuolaidų ir kuponų valdymas. Apply discount and coupon codes to individual or bulk product purchases within IntelliCart, making enrollment and purchasing that much easier!

Educational work

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