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A virtual learning environment for business – Moodle Workplace

You can improve your employees’ learning experience with Moodle Workplace. It’s an online learning system that allows you to build your company’s training network and give your employees the opportunity to learn new skills and improve.

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moodle learning management system services, vextur

Online learning platform Moodle – for future possibilities

Learning is one of the activities that keep employees engaged and enhances their work experience. Employees who strive for excellence tend to improve their personal performance, which has a positive impact on the overall performance of the organization. For these reasons, every organization needs to ensure the quality of its staff training. Moodle virtual learning environment can help with that.

With Moodle Workplace you can:

  • Streamline onboarding and workplace learning
  • Save time with
  • Evaluate the impact of learning
  • Manage compliance and regulatory training
  • Create multiple learning platforms
  • Integrate with your other systems

Businesses trust the online learning system Moodle

Moodle has a strong track record of working with different sectors, which means that most of our partners are particularly businesses. Moodle has developed additional features in the standard Moodle LMS and relevant plugins to offer you a product that meets the specific needs of your sector.

Build your learning and compliance programs

Programs enable you to stay up-to-date with compliance as well as designing learning paths for your teams so that they can develop the right competencies. You can also validate learning and compliance by issuing  certificates.

moodle learning management system services, vextur

In case you have any questions

Businesses can be categorized as follows:
  • Those with more than 100 employees, or with geographically distant units or employees. This type of company is usually concerned with the processes of information flow within the organization. They need a tool that makes information easily accessible to all.
  • Those who sell courses. Such businesses want to use Moodle as their sales channel.
  • Those who have a lot of constantly changing information (e.g. pharmacies, retailers) and who want to ensure that their employees assimilate the information in a timely manner want to check the level of assimilation.
For such companies, the online learning system Moodle can help them work more efficiently.
Moodle’s virtual learning environment provides businesses with powerful, flexible software tools for online learning and collaboration. As an online platform, Moodle can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Our goal is to offer the best solutions to improve the learning experience of our client’s team, which is why our meetings focus on analyzing the client’s operations and discussing the issues that are relevant to them. In order to assess the visual expectations of the client, Moodle environment and its functionalities are demonstrated during the meetings.

To make the search for the best learning system more interactive, we also offer our customers a Moodle demo environment where they can virtually walk through different courses and evaluate alternatives for the delivery of course content.

Businesses trust Moodle because it is:

  • Global network of 100+ certified service providers.
  • More than 180,000 registered organizations
  • More than 300 million users worldwide
  • Supported by a strong global community.
  • More than 1,900 open-source plugins developed

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