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Plagiarism control

Plagiarism control

Detect and prevent plagiarism with Ouriginal text analysis tools.

Moodle partner

Plagiarism check with Ouriginal

Ouriginal helps verify that the written work uploaded by the student is unique and not plagiarized.
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moodle learning management system services, vextur

Why choose Ouriginal?

Ouriginal is constantly evolving to offer its customers the optimal text verification tool. Its functions include not only plagiarism check, but also providing a detailed text analysis. An intuitive interface with a variety of tools makes it easy to track and compare results. Ouriginal can be used in several different languages and seamlessly integrated into the existing work and learning environment. This innovative software can easily recognize a writer’s patterns in order to verify authorship and is also used to discourage plagiarism of papers or even forgery of contracts.

Ouriginal provides advanced features

Working with Ouriginal, you can be assured of seamless integration. Throughout the process, you will receive a detailed analysis of writing style, a combination of multilingual text, licensed content from quality sources, and detailed reports.
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Case studies

Case study 2

Work-flow difficulties in training

Find out how we solved workflow problem in digital training process.

Case study 1

Moodle training course

In this case, the client had Moodle LMS environment for over 2 years but was unable to successfully use it.

Case study 3

Online courses project

In this case, the client was looking for a platform to create and manage training courses.

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Students are constantly submitting a variety of written assignments and ensuring that the assignments are done honestly is becoming increasingly challenging. Ouriginal’s plagiarism check is a highly functional tool to help prevent fraudulent behavior. Similarity check is performed by checking different databases.

Plagiarism detection can also be carried out internally. After all the students have uploaded the assignments, Ouriginal will check that the individuals have not copied parts of each other’s works by simply paraphrasing them by exchanging words. Also, a plagiarism check can detect if a text from another language has not simply been translated into Lithuanian.

The tools can be seamlessly integrated into Moodle LMS system without changing the way you work.

Using predefined quantitative parameters, the software can analyze different writing styles and identify writing patterns that can later be used to verify the authorship of a document. Writing style analysis can be used to discourage from plagiarism of papers or even forgery of contracts.

With the features of this tool, the correspondence check can be performed even when the text has been translated from another language. Ouriginal software can detect text similarities regardless of language.

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