Innovative online
lecture solutions with BigBlueButton (BBB)

Discover the power of BigBlueButton (BBB), the cutting-edge platform that empowers you to host impactful virtual conferences and meetings. BBB is your innovative solution, meticulously crafted to enhance the quality of interaction between educators and their audience, creating more engaging and effective learning experiences.

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Explore new possibilities with Virtual Classroom

In recent years, businesses, educational institutions, and freelancers have increasingly transitioned from office environments to remote work setups, necessitating remote meeting solutions. However, many video conferencing platforms fall short in terms of data protection standards, leaving companies vulnerable to personal data leaks and related risks. Enter BigBlueButton—a robust and secure alternative, setting the gold standard for data safety in the market today.

Why choose the BBB Virtual Classroom platform?

Together with a global network of developers and companies, BigBlueButton is constantly improving to meet the needs of every lecturer around the world. The platform is available in 65 languages, so you can hold online meetings or seminars wherever you are.

An easier, simpler learning process also leads to better outcomes for learners. BBB can be fully customized by Moodle or used directly as software for the internal company or training infrastructure.

moodle learning management system services, vextur

In case you have any questions

The BigBlueButton platform is a space through which online lecture processes are carried out. BBB is characterized by the fact that it is rich in interactive solutions and tools that allow you to effectively organize online meetings and smoothly exchange the necessary information. Also, this tool allows you to analyze the behavior of meeting participants in an advanced way, monitor their actions, and evaluate them.
With BBB Virtual Classroom services, you can use all the BigBlueButton software options, quickly create any number of rooms for your lessons, webinars or team meetings, and perform quick surveys. A slide presentation won’t be a problem either share the contents of your screen in one window or upload a Powerpoint presentation in pptx or PDF format.
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