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The solution for your software maintenance

The solution for your software maintenance

Benefit from efficient managed Moodle hosting.

Moodle partner

Flexible Moodle hosting services

Vextur provides reliable software services and helps its customers get started with the necessary tools to run their businesses. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can install Moodle on the customer’s or Vextur’s own infrastructure, offering the software as a service.
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Be assured with Moodle hosting

Moodle, like any other virtual system, requires the right infrastructure to install it. Vextur may install it on a client-server, provided that the system will be maintained only on the latter’s infrastructure.

Vextur can also offer an external server and its maintenance service. Moodle SaaS solution offered by Vextur is especially relevant for customers who want to save time and be sure of efficient system operation. In cooperation with Vextur, a customer receives a server according to their needs, and the supplied system is periodically updated and developed as needed.

Moodle hosting with Vextur

Moodle hosting service recommended by Vextur offers not only the installation of the required software, but also its maintenance. The user of Moodle hosting service can be sure that the server will run efficiently, be maintained and configured according to best practices.
moodle learning management system services, vextur

Case studies

Case study 2

Work-flow difficulties in training

Find out how we solved workflow problem in digital training process.

Case study 1

Moodle training course

In this case, the client had Moodle LMS environment for over 2 years but was unable to successfully use it.

Case study 3

Online courses project

In this case, the client was looking for a platform to create and manage training courses.

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Moodle is one of the most popular virtual learning environments in the world. Moodle is used in a wide range of sectors from education to manufacturing and retail.

Moodle Workplace is a version of Moodle LMS with functionality designed to meet specific business needs. As an example, Moodle Workplace supports a multi-organizational structure.
If you are interested in other Moodle Workplace features, please request a demo.

Yes, both Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace are fully integrated with internal customer systems, from MS Active Directory to Business Analytics and Personnel Management systems.

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