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We can maintain an existing Moodle system, or install a new one and continue to maintain it.

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Work-flow difficulties in training

The client approached us with the catalogs of PDF and PPT files where he presented the problem of being unable to successfully use Excel program in the training process.


Work-flow difficulties in training

During the client’s problem demonstration, we discussed the downfalls of Excel and how Moodle could resolve these problems with an organized learning environment. In Moodle environment, we made a prototype for this specific training process and presented it to our client. When the client had a chance to see how easy it is to apply and use his training process in Moodle LMS he decided to make a switch from Excel to Moodle.

We began Moodle set up with server preparation. Later we proceeded with Moodle platform instalation alongside with integration of the MS Active directory system.

After our training and consultation phase, the client was fully set up to use Moodle LMS on his own.

Currently, the client is now successfully organizing training in the organization of 4k + employees.

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