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Certified Moodle integrations

Certified Moodle integrations

Reliable plugins to expand the online learning ecosystem.

Moodle partner

Moodle integration for data exchange

Moodle integration is relevant for the continuous exchange of data between Moodle and other information system. Vextur team ensures proper system integration for a smoother automated learning process.
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Fast exchange with Moodle integration

Entering large amounts of data by hand increases the likelihood of errors. Moodle integrations reduce the amount of work required to be done manually and ensure higher data quality. We are guided by the principle that for efficiency, data must be entered once and seamlessly transferred between systems.

Moodle integration —convenient solutions for you

Moodle can give you an advantage when it comes to managing your personal data:

1. With a large number of learners, entering considerable amounts of data into the system can be difficult. With the help of integration, all data from the virtual study training system is smoothly transferred to the company’s other internal system.

2. Each employee can only see the courses specifically assigned to him. When an employee logins to Moodle system with individual login credentials provided to them, only the content assigned to them will be available, regardless of the total number of courses of the company.

3. Moodle integration makes it easy to manage and track data related to staff turnover (by tracking the number of people employed or leaving).
moodle learning management system services, vextur

Case studies

Case study 2

Work-flow difficulties in training

Find out how we solved workflow problem in digital training process.

Case study 1

Moodle training course

In this case, the client had Moodle LMS environment for over 2 years but was unable to successfully use it.

Case study 3

Online courses project

In this case, the client was looking for a platform to create and manage training courses.

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As an official and certified Moodle partner, we guarantee quality service, maintenance, and improvement. We see the needs of our customers and offer functionality and development options on the platform–we can offer almost 2,000 unique Moodle extensions or create a custom extension to meet your needs.

Vextur experience shows that one of the main aspects that are relevant to almost all customers is integration with Microsoft Active Directory (for user management) and HR applications such as Vikarina, Paskata, etc. Most often, companies store all user information in one place. After installing Moodle, integration is carried out, and information about users is periodically updated.

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