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Secure your examination experience with the most flexible AI-based proctoring solution.
Constructor Proctor is an innovative solution for end-customers and EdTech companies. It seamlessly integrates advanced technologies, prioritizes assessment integrity and offers a flexible tool to enhance learning and expand educational opportunities.

Learning Data Analytics with IntelliBoard Moodle

Online exam proctoring in different cases

Automated proctoring
 – Basic mode
 – Fully automated
 – Conclusion made by AI

Constructor online verification technology independently verifies a person’s identity, monitors their behavior and eye movement during the exam. It also analyzes the sounds in the room and prepares related reports.

Post-review proctoring
 – Basic mode + a subsequent review of the recorded session by a proctor
 – Conclusion made by a human proctor

Video preview provided after the exam to deny or confirm automatic system notifications of detected violations. Once completed, the specialist can prepare a final report.

Live proctoring
 – Basic mode + real-time monitoring by a proctor
 – Supervise up to 150 candidates at once
 – Conclusion made by a human proctor

Proctors can supervise students during the exam through the online examination software. The system automatically alerts of violations, the proctors monitor the progress of the assessment and prepare a final report.

Constructor functionality

With Constructor’s cutting-edge technology, you can capture detailed changes in a person’s face, gaze, voice, browser tabs, or the room environment during exams. This comprehensive monitoring enables remote assessment, ensuring the integrity of the examination process.

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