moodle 4.3

Moodle 4.3 is here!

Moodle LMS 4.3 represents a significant advancement in both user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

Finally Moodle 4.3 is here! In the Moodle LMS 4.3 release, there are incorporated over 470 bug fixes, enhancements, and novel features that have been meticulously developed and refined by the dedicated Moodle LMS teams and vibrant community of developers over the past six months. The invaluable contributions from community members, including code submissions, rigorous QA testing, translations, and documentation writing, have played an integral role in shaping this release.

Key Moodle 4.3 updates

Boosted security features

Moodle LMS 4.3 prioritizes security, featuring multi-factor authentication, a “do not track” option for YouTube and Vimeo, and advanced safety measures for a compliant learning environment. This streamlines compliance, enhancing reliability and user trust for organizations.

Sleeker and streamlined Activity Cards

Educators and learners will value the revamped activity cards, which are now more compact and intuitive, simplifying group management, restrictions, and activity completion conditions. These enhancements reduce navigation complexity, saving course creators time and effort while improving learner navigation.

Improved navigation and Course index

Now, you can expand/collapse the course index on the course page, and floating previous and next buttons are included in Book activities, simplifying navigation in large courses for a better learning experience.

Time-saving default site-level settings for activity completion

Thanks to input from the Moodle Users Association, administrators and educators can now establish default activity completion conditions at the site level, streamlining management and increasing efficiency for instructors.

Increase adoption of external tools with LTI improvements

The revitalized course-level LTI tools now offer enhanced functionality, including easier addition and management of pre-configured tools. With improved visibility and dedicated management pages, it’s simpler to adopt valuable LTI tools. Community contributions also allow system-level LTI tools to be restricted to specific categories, providing flexibility. This streamlines customization and workflows for a more focused teaching and learning environment.

Question bank improvements

Question bank improvements allow educators to have enhanced search and filter options and customise their view of the question bank, making assessment creation and management a seamless experience. 

More reports directly within Moodle

Administrators will appreciate the improved flexibility and depth of the Report Builder, streamlining report generation and providing enriched insights as part of our ongoing enhancements. This added flexibility means creating in-depth reports within Moodle, reducing reliance on external tools, and ensuring easier maintenance for a user-friendly experience.

Upgraded TinyMCE editor for improved content creation

Thanks to the upgraded TinyMCE editor in Moodle LMS 4.3, content creation becomes more intuitive and versatile, combining user-friendly interfaces with advanced HTML handling capabilities. This enhanced editor offers a smoother, more precise content creation experience, benefiting both WYSIWYG users and code-savvy educators.

Enhanced grading experience

Educators can enjoy a seamless grading experience with intuitive icons, a sticky footer, and standardized search functions in reports, making grading both accurate and effortless. This streamlined process frees up more time for instruction and student engagement.

Enhance collaboration with in-course messaging 

Moodle encourages collaborative learning with activities like Forums, Wikis, and live virtual classrooms. Our experimental ‘In Course’ Communication feature, integrated with the Matrix Messaging system, brings a modern messaging interface to Moodle, fostering enhanced collaboration and social learning. This new communication option keeps educators and learners connected, boosting engagement and teamwork.

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