Discover a new world of Learning Data Analytics

Meet a powerful solution with predictive modeling that will help you achieve your retention, engagement and compliance goals.

Drive action from your data with IntelliBoard

Intelliboard, an advanced analytics engine, is tailor-made for dissecting data from learning management systems, offering access to rich, detailed, and pertinent information. With Intelliboard, you can effortlessly analyze learning data within the Moodle system, generating informative reports that are conveniently accessible through both an external portal and directly within Moodle.

If you’re in need of a customized data reporting solution designed exclusively for your business, the Vextur team can craft a personalized proposal for your specific needs.

Learning Data Analytics with IntelliBoard
Learning Data Analytics with IntelliBoard Moodle

Learning data analysis for detailed reports

For every Moodle manager, gaining valuable insights into their organization’s training is paramount. Discover key metrics, such as course completion rates, average course listening times, and meaningful statistical comparisons.

Upon installing Intelliboard on Vextur and customizing it to your preferences, you’ll gain instant access to comprehensive analytical data. While Moodle collects data, Intelliboard, as a Moodle extension, goes further by providing visually engaging graphical insights into your learning data analysis.

Get work done faster and smarter

– Improve learning outcomes
– Grow retention and engagement
– Ensure organizational compliance
– Save costs and increase efficiency

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